Ground Operations Department Support

Ground Operations Department Support

Ground Operations Department deals with all strategic and contingent aspects of operations during aircraft’s ground time.  Activities range from handling of Contracts with Airport Handlers, Fuel Companies and Local or National Authorities to management of flight regularity (diversion, cancellations and re-protections) , baggage handling and airport slots.




supporto-ground-1 As critical as this activities are they need qualified and competent personnel to handle them. We assist our customers  with our  widely experienced and highly professional team of  experts.

Services include:

  • Management of the Ground Operations Department;
  • Contracting with Handlers;
  • Contracting with Fuel Providers;
  • SLA and SGHA handling (AHM 810 IATA Annex B1);
  • Auditing, inspection and reporting;
  • AHM 560 customization;
  • Slot management;
  • Lost and Found management. Training for World Tracer’s operators;
  • Ground Personnel training;
  • Ground Operations Post-holder training.

Un dipartimento Ground inefficiente procura a una Compagnia perdite economiche certe ed ingenti. Ecco perché interveniamo con programmi di qualificazione, addestramento e assistenza particolari e ad alto impatto sull’organizzazione. La nostra esperienza, frutto di anni di operatività nel settore, è una garanzia per il raggiungimento degli obiettivi definiti.