Crew Resource Management

Crew Resource Management

CRM was born in the late ‘70s when NASA set out to find an answer to a puzzling question: why does not the rate of aviation accidents decrease as the technical resources get better and better? CRM is a discipline and a methodology using  operational, technical, human and environmental resources to promote safety and increase efficiency of the organizations working in high potential damage industries.




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Flyrad and Ralli Associates jointly provide CRM, Human Factors and Non-Technical-Skills Evaluation courses to the following types of operators:

  • Managers, executives and workers of Aviation and Maritime Companies;
  • Airport and Harbour Handlers;
  • Flight, Ground and Maritime Crew;
  • Fire Fighting and Civil Protection Crew, including reserve and volunteers;
  • Construction Yard’s Personnel;
  • Team of technicians working in high risks environments.

Main subjects are:

  • Human Performance Limitations and Human Factors;
  • Non Technical Skills (NOTECHS) evaluation;
  • Standardization Courses;
  • Command Courses;
  • Instructor Courses;
  • Refresh Seminars;
  • Ad Hoc Courses, set up to target and fix specific problems.

All our courses are tailored to the opeartors’ needs which are previously identified through a very detailed auditing process.

We also provide active consultancy on a number of specific subjects including, amongst others:

  • Safety culture;
  • Organizational Factors Analysis and Incident/Accident prevention;
  • Latent Failure analysis and focusing;
  • Team-building;
  • Teamwork empowerment.