The Security Department of any organization provides protection against unlawful interference against the organizational assets and ultimately protects people and properties from attack.




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After the Twin Towers’ attack in 2001 very stringent security measures have been mandated by national and international authorities to  guarantee protection of vulnerable organizations like Air and Maritime operators. Procedures must be developed and observed at all organizational levels.
Services provided by Flyrad include:

  • Providing the Security Manager;
  • Security department set up and management;
  • Editing of relevant Manuals as required by the rules in force (ICAO annex 17 , doc 8973, ECAC doc 30, Regolamenti CE 2320/2002, 1546/2006, Programma Nazionale di Sicurezza, Reg. 965/2012);
  • Set up of customized Security Procedures;
  • Initial and Recurrent Training for Aircrew;
  • Auditing and Inspection activities.

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From 2013 on, Flyrad cooperates with KMA. They defined together a specific Security Training Protocol to train Flight Crew on self and third-parties defence. Giving the Flight Crew a basic training on self defence tecniques, valid for recovering from unexpected critical problems occurring on board or during the welcome or leaving phases (typical of business aviation) is considered paramount and this is also confirmed by the recommendations published on Civil Aviation Training magazine, number 2-2013, signed by John S. Pistole, the Administrator of the American Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and by Candance Kolander, Safety and Security Coordinator of the Association of Flight Attendant (AFA).

Flyrad and KMA have designed two protocols for training Flight Crew:

-        The “Fly Safe Professional” Course, which is customised and oriented for Airlines and is focussed to neutralise any problem that happen on board;

-        The “Fly Safe Professional – Closed Protection” Course, which is tailored on the needs coming from the Business Aviation. The target is to protect the V.I.P. passengers when out of the sterile zone.