Online petition in favor of the preservation of the 1st Regional Meteorological Center in Milan Linate

FLYRAD invites people and the higher institutions to mobilise in favor of the preservation of the 1st Regional Meteorological Center in Milan Linate. Since 1934 this Center is the most valued public meteorological center in North Italy (

The recent reorganization of the divisions of the Air Force Meteorological Service foresees in fact the dismantling of this unique Center: absurd but true, Lombardy and Italy are going to give up a historical entity which has a great strategic and historic value.

It is a heritage unique in its kind, because - in addition to performing the roles of military expertise and assistance to the flights - is actively engaged in various civilian areas from the safety on the Alpine territory to the health protection (a measure of dispersion of pollutants through radiosonde).

We do believe that the closure of the 1st Regional Meteorological Center of Milan Linate represents an incalculable loss for both the experts (think about the irreplaceable service done by the atmospheric radiosondes) and for civil society, increasingly impoverished of prestigious national realities, managed by proud and enthusiast people.

The “Centro Meteorologico Lombardo” (an Association of meteo enthusiasts) launched an online petition for citizens who can eventually join expressing an opinion about this matter, aware of the many activities that this unwise decision is likely to stop or degrade.

CML and FLYRAD thank in advance all those who will respond positively to this appeal and will work to allow maximum circulation of the information. Beyond the strictly organizational policies - on which the same staff involved did not receive convincing explanations - it is at stake a matter of collective interest.

We hope that institutions will re-evaluate with the necessary caution the decision to disinvest this reality which was consolidated in decades of sacrifices, trying to preserve as much as possible the richness in terms of historical value, operational and human capital potential.

We invite you to subscribe the following online petition: