Contest: Gare Privinciali di Protezione Civile - Galbiate 2017

We are proud to announce that FLYRAD will be official sponsor of the event organized by the Civil Protection Group of Galbiate and scheduled from 21 to 23 July 2017.
The event, called "Gare Provinciali di Protezione Civile - Galbiate 2017", is a Civil Protection Training that has as its main purpose the formation and safety of volunteers engaged in local or national emergencies. It represents a stage of the journey begun in January 2017, from which they started a series of 6 specialized training courses, designed with the aim of putting safety and self-protection at the base of all training.
" Gare Provinciali di Protezione Civile" will allow volunteers to test on specific technical issues such as setting up a field, managing sanitizing, using and maintaining manual tools, driving a trailer, installing of electrical equipment and the use and maintenance of engine pumps.

There will also be present the technicians of CML - Centro Meteo Lombardo who, in addition to keeping the command chain up to date with the weather forecasts, will have a basic meteorological course focusing on reading a weather report, interpreting radar system, tracking Cloudy weather, reading real time weather charts and weather station data readings and using CML’s Robot to get automatic alarm messages via Telegram.
The Italian Radio Amateurs Association – Section of Lecco - will be responsible for managing radio communications and will show the fascinating world of radio communications and the technological development that has been the protagonist of this extraordinary instrument: from the so-called "CW", better known as Code Morse, to digital broadcasting and via-internet tramissions.
The "GRIGNA" Ambulance Nucleus of the A.N.A. Lecco will participate in the exercise with demonstration evidence and real scenarios of Civil Protection to which volunteers will face.
The event is open to the public who will be able to see in person how to organize a field, attend the tests and take part in the meteorological course offered by the Centro Meteo Lombardo.
We invite you to come and visit us to attend the maneuvers and, if interested, to participate in the interesting and useful courses open to the public (for more information visit the Galbiate Civil Protection website -



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